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Southern Data Science Conference 2020



12 -13th August 2020: Conference Sessions

14th August 2020: Workshops


Cobb Galleria Center, Atlanta

Southern Data Science Conference (SDSC) is a special data science R&D conference that brings experts and researchers from the top data science companies and institutes to present their work and share their best practices in data science. Our Atlanta conference will be organized on Aug 12-14, 2020 with 500+ attendees who represented industry, academia, and government institutions across the US.

Our speakers have been selected by the advisory board of SDSC based on their outstanding contribution to the data science community. Hence, SDSC '20 attracts top speakers from top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, ..etc. and top research institutes like Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Georgia Tech, UGA, GSU, KSU, Emory  ..etc.

If you are a data science enthusiast who is interested in learning from the experts and top researchers about the cutting-edge technologies and best practices in data science, don't hesitate to register for SDSC '20 Atlanta. Also, SDSC '20 Atlanta is a single track conference which will let you attend all the talks without a worry of missing an interesting talk due to a conflict with another interesting talk's time or due to a small break-out room where people are packed to attend that interesting talk. 

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