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About Us

Phantom Insights (a subsidiary of Southern Data Science) is an AI Research and Development company based in Metro Area, Atlanta city in the USA.


Our mission is to ensure that Artificial Intelligence benefits all of humanity. The Phantom Insights charter describes the principles that guide us as we execute on our mission.


We aim to change the way businesses all over the world make their most important decisions and we’re realizing that vision by delivering powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that are relevant and accessible to all. 

Phantom Insights also partner with the top AI research labs in the US to explore new data science techniques that solve challenging industry problems. Professors who would like to benefit from our university partnership funding can contact us with their proposal*

* We only allow up to 10% indirect cost of the project's annual cost for our university funding.

About Us


Artificial intelligence has penetrated every industry enabling process automation to predictive analysis.

To build cognitive computing applications that can increase sales, improve production efficiency, or enrich the customer experience, connect with our data science team. With our deep expertise in machine learning, we design and build self-improving business systems for various business sectors integrating technologies such as big data analytics, deep learning, NLP, and more.



Phantom Insight provides technology and professional training, to develop the latest skills, learn best practices, and earn must-have certifications. Our aim is to enable you and your organization to succeed.



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: Artificial Intelligent, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Software Engineering, Project Management, digital transformation, Cyber Security, and Risk Management.

Our consulting services have also proven to allow projects to be completed in a timely manner and within our customer's budget


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Metro Area, Atlanta, USA

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